Plastic Extrusion Line

BENK plastic extrusion line is using the plastic extrusion process to produce plastic extrusion products you want, plastic extrusion machine consists of the plastic extruder with the downstream machines as per the products you need.

BENK plastic extrusion line has plastic pipe extrusion line, plastic profile extrusion line, plastic sheet extrusion line, and plastic foam board extrusion line, and benk had supplied many plastic extrusion lines to plastic extrusion companies in the world.

Benk only produces new plastic extrusion line, we do not update the production line with the old machine, as we need to make sure the quality of our machine, we care about our reputation in the industry.

Benk is professional making plastic extruder machine manufacturer in China, and we have rich experiences in the formula of plastic extrusions, such as plastic sheet, plastic pipe, plastic profile. We also improve our machines with our experiences in the trouble when test all kinds of machine, and we can guide you to use our machine safely and stable.

If you want to know the prices of our plastic extrusion line, please send requirements to us, we will reply you soon! Thanks.

Let's Benk Plastic Extrusion Line To Support Your Business
HDPE pipe extruding machine
HDPE pipe extrusion line is used to produce HDPE solid pipe in different sizes
ppr pipe extruding line
PPR pipe extrusion line is used to produce PPR and PERT solid pipe in different sizes
DWC pipe production line
Corrugated pipe extrusion line is used to produce PE or PVC single wall corrugated pipe or double-wall corrugated pipe
PVC pipe extrusion machine
PVC pipe extrusion machine is used to produce PVC solid pipe in different size
plastic extruder
PVC profile extrusion line is used to produce PVC profiles, such as panel, window profile, wall panel
plastic extruder
WPC profile extrusion line is used to produce wood-plastic profiles, such as wood-PE, wood-PVC profile
PVC marble sheet extrusion line
PVC marble sheet machine is used to produce PVC marble sheet and SPC flooring
PVC foam board production line
PVC foam board machine is used to produce PVC foam board

Extruder or The Whole Extrusion Line, Benk Can Always Satisfy You

Single screw extruder is used for PE/PP/PERT pipe extruding line
plastic extruders
Conical twin screw extruder is used for PVC profile/sheet/board extruding line
compounding extruder
Parallel twin screw extruder is used for plastic compounding
PE film recycling machine
Plastic recycling machine is to recycle waste PE/PP film, plastic bottles, and make pellets for them.

Why Big Clients Trust BENK Machinery

High Speed Output
Production capacity from 50kg/hr to 700kg/hr for single extruder, 110-600kg/hr for conical twin screw extruder
Famous Brand Parts
Simens motor, ABB inventer, OMRON temperature controller, JT GEARBOX, bi-metallic screw and barrel
Free Formula Support
Our engineer will supply free formula details after buying our machines
Technical Support & Training Service
Our engineer will go to your factory to help you install machine and train your staffs if you need

What Benk Machinery can do for you?

Benk can make all kinds of plastic extrusion machinery and recycling machinery as per your requirements, if you donot have ideas for your plant, we will make draw for production line and production process flow to know more the extrusion process.

Benk machinery is qualified, as we have 13months guarantee for main parts, such as gearbox, screw and barrel, motor, half year for main electric part, such as the inverter, contactor, temperature controller.

Benk not only make machines for you, we also do technical support for you if you are facing any problem with the plastic extrusion lines in your plant right now, such as spare parts damaged, production formulation problem, we can help you solve all these problems, as we have powerful engineer teams to  serve you.

If you are facing above headache, please contact us now! [email protected]