polypropylene extruder

Contactor  Schneider brand
Driving Motor  Siemens AC motor
Temperature Controller  Omron brand
Inverter  ABB brand
Screw and barrel  Bi-metallic or SKD-11
Heater Ceramic heater with SS cover
Gearbox  Chang brand
Air Switch  LS brand belongs to LG Group

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Polypropylene extruder has two type which are single screw extruder and parallel twin screw extruder, which are used to make different PP products and PP granules.

We are mainly to introduce our PP single screw extruder to you in this chapter, it is used to produce PP pipe, PP sheet, PP hollow corrugated sheet and PP hollow construction formwork.

We choose different L/D design to meet different PP extrusions, for PP pipe, we would like to use 30:1 L/D, for PP sheet, we use 33:1L/D, for PP hollow corrugated sheet, we use 34:1, for PP hollow construction formwork, we use 35:1.

Benk Polypropylene extruder is also need to connect with downstream machines, then it can produce PP products, it is a customized machines. Polypropylene extruder to make PP sheet in thermoforming production(instead of paper disc and box), PP hollow corrugated sheet is used to in packing which instead of corrugated box, PP hollow construction formwork is used to instead of wood formwork, so Polypropylene extruder is used to make environmental-friendly products, it can protect our nature environment.

The polypropylene material properties lead to widely range in different area, so many polypropylene extruder were invented to meet the demands.

The processing temperature of polypropylene extrusion is around 170-190degress, we supply all service from A-Z.


polypropylene extruder:

Model KPM60/33 KPM75/33 KPM90/33 KPM120/33
Screw Diameter(mm) 60 75 90 120
L:D 33:1 33:1 33:1 33:1
Motor power(Kw) 55 110 250 315
Output(Kg/H) 150 330 750 900
waste rate compare with G2 waste 20% waste 20% waste 20% waste 30%

Video of Our polypropylene extruder:

vacuum auto loader
single screw
simens motor
cheng brand gearbox
electric pats of single screw extruder
contactor for single screw extruder
cooing fan for single screw extruder

Other Main Parts for Single Screw Extruder:

Name Brand Function
SSR Crydom Brand with CE certificate Control temperature for twin screw extruder and extrusion die
Overload Protector Schneider Brand(Gv2 type) Protect fan, the motor in the vacuum pump and water pump
Fused core Bussmann Brand  Protect Heater and SSR Relay
Middle Relay Ormon Brand Control Electric Line
Switch Schneider Brand Switch on/off heating function
Ammeter CHNT Brand Checking heating electric line is working or not
Reactor Riye Brand Protect inverter when starting the machine
24V power source Ormon brand used for SSR relay
Air Switch LS Brand Belongs to LG Group Protect Whole Electric Line
Isolate Transformer CHNT Brand Protect staff safe when they operate the machine
Inverter ABB Brand Protect Siemens Ac Motor


  1. What is polypropylene extruder?

There are two kind of extruder can process polypropylene material, single screw extruder and parallel twin screw extruder, it is using the plasticizing process by extruder.

  1. What is the function of the polypropylene extruder?

The polypropylene extruder can be used to recycle waste PP material, make polypropylene 800mm width sheet in thermoforming processing, produce PP hollow sheet and PP hollow construction board.

  1. How does polypropylene extruder work?

When we use the polypropylene extruder t o produce the products that we need, we need use the extruder work together with other machines, like die head, forming machine, cutter, haul-off and so on.

When polypropylene extruder installed in your workshop, we need to heat it around 2hours, polypropylene extruder can be started by your staff, and put the PP raw material into the barrel of extruder.

The screw of polypropylene extruder will be rotated by the motor, in order to reduce the running speed of screw, we use the gearbox connected between driving motor and screw. When screw rotating, the PP material will be pushed go head to the die head, and formed in the die head, and cooling in the vacuum mould or other machines.

  1. Who will teach us if we do not know about polypropylene extruder?

Yes, we have engineer they will train your staff in China or in your workshop, it is fast to learn the machine.

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