Plastic Tile Extrusion Machine

BENK plastic tile extrusion machine is used to make plastic wave tile and glazed plastic tile, which can be used on the roof of factory and home.

Plastic tile making machine is mainly used to make PVC tiles, as the main raw material is PVC, in the out surface of roof tile is ASA or PMMA which are anti-aging and anti-acid.

Currently, plastic tile extrusion machine can make two layers and three layers tile, two layers tile is made by two extruders co-extrusion, three layers tile is made by three extruders coextrusion.

There are two type tile which is PVC wavy tile and PVC glazed tile, their main extruders are same, but their down-stream machines are different.

Our plastic roof tile extruding machine can make 880mm width and 1080mm width roof tile, it depends on client’s demand which type you need. The thickness for roof tile is almost standard which is 2-3mm, if you want make more thick tile, you can check with us, we will advise you.

You can use the new PVC material or waste plastic material to make the PVC roof tile, as we can use the waste plastic in the middle level when we make three layers roof tile.

The plastic roof tile is much lighter than color steel tile, and service life is also same, installation is also same as steel tile.

When you have plan to make the glazed roof tile, you also need the auxiliary machines to make auxiliary tile, such as titled ridge tile, positive ridge head and tee.

If you have technical problems with plastic tile extrusion line
wavy tile extrusion line
PVC wavy tile extrusion line can make wavy tile with 880mm and 1080mm PVC tile with 2-3mm thichness, the tile can be used for factory roof and simple house.
PVC galzed tile extrusion line can make glazed tile with 880mm and 1080mm PVC tile with 2-3mm thichness, the tile can be used for house roof

What benefits we can bring to you?

pvc pipe extrusion line
PVC pipe extrusion line can make PVC pipe for water supply and sewage.
corrugated pipe line
Plastic corrugated pipe extrusion line has single wall and double wall pipe
PE film washing machine
Plastic recycling machine has PE/PP film machine and pelleting machine
pvc profile line
PVC profile production line can produce window profile, door board, wpc profile with a different die.

Why Big Brand Trust BENK MACHINE

High Efficient
With same power consumption, benk plastic tile extrusion has higher output, as benk machine use all save power electrical devices.
Famous Brand Parts
Benk usesSimens motor, ABB inventer, OMRON temperature controller, JT GEARBOX, famous brand screw and barrel in plastic tile extrusion line.
Free Formula Support
Our engineer will supply free formula for plastic tiles, after you buy plastic tile extruding machine from us.
Technical Support & Training Service
Our engineer will go to your factory to help you install machine and train your staffs if you need.

why customer would like to choose Benk plastic tile extrusion machine?

Benk machine had been made plastic tile extrusion machine for more than 10 years, and we have our technical for the formulation inside which can help you solve problems in the production.