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    Primier Meltblown Machine Factory

    Extruder Single screw extruder
    Mold High quality steel material
    Roller Steel roller controlled by inverter
    Air compressor Permanent magnet screw air compressor
    Tank volume 1m3
    Air drying machine Remove moisture in the air
    Width of finished meltblown 175/260mm
    Weight of per sqm 25-50g/sqm


    Choose the Right Meltblown Machine for the Meltblown Non-woven farbic you want to produce!

    BenK 450mm width meltblown machine can make 2pieces 175mm width PP meltblown paper, we choose SJ50 single screw extruder.

    PP melt blown machine has electrode device which can increase the filtering rate, melt blown fabric is used in the middle layer of face mask, it is a very important role in producing the face mask.

    • Size: 6m x 4m x 2.5m
    • Whole line power: 50Kw
    • Production speed: 150-200kg/per day

    600mm width PP meltblown machine can produce 600mm width meltblown non-woven fabric, it can cut three pieces 175mm width PP meltblown or one piece 260mm and one piece 175mm width.

    PP meltblown fabric is used for the disposal face mask and KN95 face mask, PP melt blown fabric machine is consist of extruder, mold, roller, air compressor, heating tank,

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