Plastic Crusher

Electrical Parts  CHNT brand
Motor  Simens motor
Temperature Controller  Omron brand
Inverter  ABB brand
Screw and barrel  Best quality from China
Heater  Long service life
Gearbox  Jiangying Gearbox
Your requirements  We make machine as per ur demands

Your Premier Plastic Crusher in China

BENK plastic crusher is used to crush waste plastic profile, bottle and pipe, the mouth and knife of cursing machine is designed by the sizes of your plastic products, if your produce PVC wall panel or PVC door board, we will expand the mouth and knife of crusher.

BENK factory will supply satisfied solution for your waste plastic, as we have produce waste plastic crushing machine more than 10 years, when our clients buy extrusion line from us, they also will buy crusher and auxiliary machines from us.

BENK can supply good prices for plastic crusher, and quality is good, as we produce it by ourself, and we choose the best raw material for machine.

BENK produce mini plastic crusher and customer also can diy the plastic bottle crusher by themselves, plastic crusher is different with plastic shredder, plastic shredder is tall to be used on plastic recycling production line, as it has much higher production capacity, and the machine is tall, we cannot put the waste plastic material into the shredder by our hand, it should be passed by conveyor.

BENK can all kind of plastic crushing machine, from small to big, standard to diy, mini to huge, we will make the crusher by your requirements and drawing if you need. Welcome to send us the inquiry now.

Model Power Revolving blades Fixed blades Capacity Screen hole Crushing room
PC300 5.5KW 9 2 200-250 10 230*300
PC400 7.5KW 12 2 300-450 10 245*400
PC500 11KW 15 2 400-800 10 300*500
PC600 18.5KW 18 4 450-900 10 335*600
PC800 22KW 24 4 550-1100 10 500*800
PC1000 37KW 30 4 650-1300 10 500*1000