Sheet Extrusion Machine

Sheet extrusion line is used to produce plastic sheet with 0.15-0.8mm thickness, in different application, we will use different polymer.  

Till now, sheet extrusion line has PET sheet extrusion line, PP sheet extrusion line, PS sheet extrusion line, PVC sheet extrusion line, ABS sheet extrusion line.

Sheet extrusion line choose the different size and model extrusion machine as per the final products and application, PET sheet is used for thermoforming food box, PP sheet is used for food packing by thermoforming, PVC sheet can be used for packaging or curtain and others application.

Sheet extrusion equipment machine is widely used in our life, it help us to project our environmental instead of corrugated or wood box, and plastic sheet has high production process which save labor and cost for us when making final products.
Sheet extrusion line has single layer extrusion machine and multi-layer extrusion equipment, the production process is using extruder, sheet extrusion die, three-roller calendar, cooling device, cutter stacker or winder.

If you have technical problems with plastic sheet extrusion machine
pvc marble sheet line
PVC sheet extrusion line is used to produce PVC sheet
PVC marble production line
PET sheet extrusion line is used to produce PET sheet
PVC sheet extrusion line
PP sheet extrusion line is used to produce PP sheet
PVC marble production line
PS sheet extrusion line is used to produce PS sheet
PVC sheet extrusion line
PC sheet extrusion line i used to produce PC sheet
PVC marble production line
ABS sheet extrusion line is used to produce ABS sheet
PVC marble production line
PMMA sheet extrusion line is used to produce PMMA sheet

What benefits we can bring to you?

pvc pipe extrusion line
PVC pipe extrusion line can make PVC pipe for water supply and sewage.
corrugated pipe line
Plastic corrugated pipe extrusion line has single wall and double wall pipe
PE film washing machine
Plastic recycling machine has PE/PP film machine and pelleting machine
pvc profile line
PVC profile production line can produce window profile, door board, wpc profile with a different die.

Why Big Brand Trust BENK MACHINE

High Speed Output
Production capacity from 50kg/hr to 700kg/hr for single extruder, 110-600kg/hr for conical twin screw extruder
Famous Brand Parts
Simens motor, ABB inventer, OMRON temperature controller, JT GEARBOX, famous brand screw and barrel
Free Formula Support
Our engineer will supply free formula details after buying our machines
Technical Support & Training Service
Our engineer will go to your factory to help you install machine and train your staffs if you need.

Why customer would like to choose our plastic sheet extrusion machine?

  1. We always make the plastic sheet extrusion machines as per what we discussed before, and all parts should be same as we signed on the contract.
  2. Clients always trust us, and do not need take too much time on inspect the finished plastic sheet extrusion machines.
  3. All parts of plastic sheet extrusion machines are using the best and toppest electric parts and gearbox in China.
  4. Benk plastic sheet extrusion machines working stable without any future headache after on regular production.